Food for thought

When it comes to provisioning a trip there are many things that go into my thought process: allergies, dietary preferences and requirements (vegan/ vegetarian/ pescatarian/ gluten free, how spicy people like their food etc…) healthy, plentiful, sustainable and environmentally friendly. When I design my menus for our charters all these things cross my mind and more recently I have been focusing on the sustainability aspect and making sure the food we eat is locally sourced and preferably low in waste packaging. This can be sometimes be quite a challenge in a country that like double bag at the supermarket!

Where Angels Sing

The inspiration for this month’s musings came whilst listening to one of my favourite Meatloaf songs (I find it hard to say complete favourite as he has so many good ones; I am a big fan) and looking up at a black speck in the blue sky. That speck happened to be a frigate bird soaring high above me in the thermals. If you come and visit La Paz for a boat charter with us or to wander the city these are one of the birds you will definitely have the pleasure of seeing here at the coast.

Super sealions

Those big brown eyes stare at you from a distance, then there is a sudden movement as the young sealion darts towards your bubbles and swims through, seemingly having fun as they tickle its body. Mum passed by a few minutes ago but seems content that her child is safe and having fun. Dad is sleeping on the rocks and happy to let mum and pup out of his sight. This is what most people see when they come and visit the sealions at Los Isotes; playful juvenile sealions that are inquisitive about us and seek some kind of interaction, but there is another side to these marine mammals that few think about.

Stars on the sea floor

Last month I wrote about the underwater starry night sky of bioluminescence this time we are going for the upclose encounters of Sea stars. A favourite for many divers and snorkelers due to their iconic shape and the fact that they can be seen in many different marine environments but although it may be a common sighting for many they are far from common creatures.

Swimming in Space

If you are of a certain age, perhaps you remember going to the movie theatre to see the original Superman movie; when the opening credits started you got goosebumps at the thought of flying through space with the endless blackness only broken by the twinkling of stars around you and some flashes of light?  (For those of you who haven't seen it or would like to reminisce watch this )  Now imagine that you are actually experiencing this.  Woah.

Underwater Aliens

What has venom like a snake, a beak like a parrot, ink like a pen, the weight of a man, the length of a car yet can fit through an opening the size of an orange?

New Year

Ok so I'm a little late and it's a week after New Year, but it's time to reflect on what happened in the last year and what are our goals for the future.

Damsels in Distress!

Damselfish are found in many shapes and sizes and are a big part of the reef fish community, here in La Paz we have many different species and they like to make themselves known to divers...

Adventures in Mexico City

We recently took a quick trip to Mexico City, its a great, crazy place that we have visited before.  This time I wanted to get a little more off the beaten track to explore some places not many get to visit.  If you are passing through the city feel free to ask us about adventures you can do there.

What is coral?

Last week I talked about biodegradable sunscreen and the effect that it has on coral, but what exactly is coral.

Biodegradable sunscreen

On our trips we recommend that everyone uses biodegradable sunscreen, here are some reasons why.

It's a Moray!

Ursulas' sidekicks in the little mermaid - not everyones favourite creature but they are pretty amazing.

Sunsets and Pelican Rush Hour,

We spent the last week anchored out by the mogote, it was defined by dolphins, pelicans, sunsets and time reconnecting with nature.

Whale Shark Season Approaches in La Paz, BCS

As I start to get excited for this years whale shark season I thought I would write a post on what we are doing to prepare both here at El Duque Adventures and in La Paz.