An insight into the world around us here in La Paz.

Learning to Scuba Dive

I’ve been a diver for over 15 years and have 1000’s of dives under my belt but I still clearly remember the day I first breathed underwater and how it felt. I was in Koh Tao, Thailand and my friend and I were on our Summer break from University. We had decided before we left England that it was something we wanted to try because it was an adventure to be had and seemed a great way to get to see more of Thailand (underwater as well as on land!) and to explore exotic coral reefs. We visited the dive shop we had been recommended by a friend and our Instructor was a friendly Swedish guy, we got set up with accommodation and were given our books to start reading for the next day. As we learned a little more about the theory realization set in and we wondered what we may have let ourselves in for! Our pool sessions were done off of the beach in front of the dive shop and it was a great way to distract us from any nerves when we could see some little fish swimming by! By the end of the first day I already felt comfortable in the water, so much so that at the end of the course I signed straight up for my Advanced Course – I was sold on it by the opportunity to see sharks during the deep dive! For me the love of marine life was natural – I had always loved land animals so the marine creatures did not fill me with fear – only wonder. They still do. That is why I dive – to feel wonder and to be able to share this with others.

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Hiking around La Paz

Part of the reason we started a Dive and Adventure company is because we get to do the things we love! Norman and I started this adventure so that we could be our own bosses and take everything that we had learned throughout our various careers with different dive companies, the hospitality industry, teaching and commercial dive work to create an experience that was a little different to other tourism providers. We concentrate on providing a range of different personalised activities to suit each different group that comes to visit. Recently I have been testing out some of the different hikes in the area and have discovered new highs and lows to hiking in the desert!

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Shadow Hunters

Just like humans, fish have different types of feeding patterns, they may be herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. There are 2 types of carnivorous fish – planktivores and piscivores. Planktivores eat tiny transparent animals such as zooplankton, often from open water. Piscivores eat mainly fish. Often you can tell the type of food as fish eats by the position of its mouth.

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Boat Trips La Paz

For Boat Trips in La Paz, this is a competitive market however we are confident in being the best trip operators. Our boat trips really do enable our guests to see the natural and everlasting beauty of the Sea of Cortez in a wholly unique manner.

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Boat Trips Sea of Cortez

A Boat Trip in the Sea of Cortez is a must do experience. From our boat you will be able to follow the migratory paths of various whales, including blue and fin and experience much of the other sea life the Sea of Cortez has to offer. This really is an experience like no other.

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